Judging and workshops


Richard Tew is an Irish Dance instructor with nearly 20 years both as a competitor and instructor. He was a successful competitor with CLRG, having won his Oireachtas (regional championship) in 2003, runner up places in previous years and in following years.  He also placed sixth at both the 2003 and 2004 North American Nationals.

In addition to owning the Gulf Coast’s oldest and largest independently-owned Irish dance school, with four different locations around the Texas Gulf Coast, Richard has also been an Irish dance instructor at the University of Texas at Austin, (2005).  He currently teaches a beginner Irish dance course at Johnson Space Center/NASA each Saturday from 1:30-3 P.M.

He is also am an Irish dance choreographer utilized by more than 40 different teachers from all Irish dance organizations around the world to provide material for their students.

He is also a performance choreographer and has choreographed Irish dance shows that have performed around the Houston area for Harbour Playhouse, UH Clear Lake, Upstage Theater, Barnevelder Theater, Dickens on the Strand in Galveston, etc.

Recently, he has opened his services as an Irish dance judge. being a featured judge for digitalfeis.com.

Workshops focus on steps and choreography, not just warm-ups and drills.  We want to teach material!

If you are interested in hiring a judge with nearly 20 years of dance experience, and some 18 as a teacher, or if you need a workshop from us, please contact us at rttew@yahoo.com.  View the bio page for more information on our skilled teachers and judge.