Class costs and payments

Our classes start at $82 per month for one hour of instruction each week for an individual student over the age of five.

For ages three through five we charge $67 per month for a thirty minute class each month.

For siblings, classes are prorated, as are for spouses and parent/child students.  For two related (immediate family), the cost is $150 per month.  For three related dancers the cost is $185 per month.  There is an additional $45 per added family member.

For two classes each week, tuition is $138 for individuals and an additional fee of $25 per family member above the normal price.  All fees include Paypal processing fees. Email for specific prices if this applies to your needs.

You can sign up for classes now by emailing

Tuition options
One dancer over five $82.00 USD
Two family dancers $150.00 USD
Three family dancers $185.00 USD
One dancer two classes each week $138.00 USD
Dancer three to five years old $67.00 USD