About Tew Academy of Irish Dance


Our passion for our tradition, respect for others and veneration of our Lord makes us different.




Becca Bryan:


An award-winning dancer, Becca has spent years learning about Irish dancing and training to be a competitor and working her way up to the levels of competitive Irish dance, where she is currently in the preliminary championship level.

Becca has been teaching and helping in all classes and working with all ages and dance levels.  She also overseas a class in Dickinson.  Becca is also the director of the new theater performance group at Tew Academy, directing routines and providing valuable input as part of the creative process.

Becca is also a co-owner of the school.

Richard Tew, Owner/Head Teacher


Hear more about us here!

He is an Irish Dance instructor with nearly 20 years both as a competitor and instructor. He was a successful competitor with CLRG, having won his Oireachtas (regional championship) in 2003, runner up places in previous years and in following years.  I also placed sixth at both the 2003 and 2004 North American Nationals.

In addition to teaching his own classes, he has also been an instructor at the University of Texas at Austin, to teach Irish dance in 2005.  He also currently teaches a beginner Irish dance course at Johnson Space Center/NASA each Saturday from 1:30-3 P.M.

He is also am an Irish dance choreographer utilized by more than 40 different teachers from all Irish dance organizations around the world to provide material for their students.

He is also a performance choreographer and have choreographed Irish dance shows that have performed around the Houston area.

Recently, he has opened his services as an Irish dance judge. being a featured judge for digitalfeis.com.

There is a difference!  At Tew Academy, we hope to provide Texas dancers with a new experience in Irish dance.  One that is supportive and family-friendly.   Other Houston-area Irish dance schools have a competitive “win-at-all-costs” philosophy.  They adorn their dancers in garish attire that cost thousands of dollars, and use fake tanner to change their appearance.  We don’t do that.  We take your dancers as they are and don’t ask them to transform into something they are not.


Our classes are designed to both challenge dancers to learn and become more advanced in their skill and also to give them a bit of Irish culture as well.  We provide a well-rounded experience.  We offer competition that is both fun and challenging.  We also offer performances at family-friendly events.  Our instructors are mature and responsible and only want what’s best for your dancer.

We offer instruction at three current locations (more to be added soon) and provide our students with performance and competition opportunities.

Richard Tew (Center) winning the 2003 Southern Regional Irish Dance Championships in Norfolk, Virginia. This also qualified him for the 2004 World Irish Dance Championships.
Richard Tew (Center) winning the 2003 Southern Regional Irish Dance Championships in Norfolk, Virginia. This also qualified him for the 2004 World Irish Dance Championships.




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