World Championships or bust

Hello friends. It’s a hectic week with the Christmas holidays fast approaching. I hope yours are good ones. I however, don’t spend a lot of time “off” during the holidays and this year is no exception. this year, while I will be about promoting the school through flyers, etc all around town, I am also trying to support a dancer going to her (and our’s as a school) first world championships in Ireland. It’s time to buy airfare before we can’t afford it is quickly approaching, even with donations. I know those outside the Irish dance world might see it as an effort to get you to spend money for us a vacation, but for us, it’s anything but. We have worked tirelessly every day, hours a day for almost six months getting her ready. That’s a huge dedication and one I would like to see rewarded. The trip will last six days, a couple of which will be acclimating to the jet lag and getting ready for the big day. I am doing all I can to contribute time, money and resources to this effort and I am reluctant to ask for any help; but, we need it. If there is an odd job I can do, if you would like to make a donation of any amount, please message me. No job is too small and I will do most anything legally to support my dancer on her journey. I’ll shine your shoes, I will cut your grass, I will wash your car or some other service like this. I will come out on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day. There is nothing I would rather do that help this marvelous young lady, an up and coming leader of our school, achieve her dreams.  Richard Tew/owner Tew Academy of Irish Dance.


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