Shining for others!

Becca with her shoes she learned how to shine.  

This is Richard Tew, the owner of the Tew Academy of Irish Dance.

Irish dance is all about the legs and the shoes.  I learned how to shine my own shoes a long time ago.  This was a skill I learned as a kid for my first job. I have kept it up for my own shoe cleaning endeavors over the years. A few weeks ago, I took a dancer’s hard shoes and went up, cleaned and polished them as a service project to show the example of others before ourselves. This past week, I decided to clean all the girls’ hard shoes through out our different locations. We collected shoes and still have a few to pick up. Becca, my assistant teacher and advanced student, upon hearing I was doing this, offered to help; I gladly accepted. I taught up her how to shine her shoes before the feises (competitions) she went to in Florida and I know it instilled a new sense of pride in her shoes. This teaches the dancers important life lessons. Now, as we wrap up the dancer’s shoes, I am already seeing how this experience can help others. Yesterday, I put out my plan on my personal Facebook page about finding some used dress shoes or boots and cleaning them up for donation to a homeless shelter that specializes in helping people get a job and a fresh start in life. A parent of one of our dancers, commented how it could be a good service project for our dances. I agree. I think it would really be beneficial. So, we are moving forward with this idea. You can help in two ways: one, look through your closest for older or unused dress shoes or boots, please make sure they are not damaged, we are not fixing them, only cleaning them up! two, consider helping us or letting your dancer help us. Three, both! Once I have a list of volunteers and some shoes to work on, we will plan a time where we can meet up and knock these out. Thanks all.

Email if you have a donation in the Houston area and I will arrange pick up.


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