Fouth annual Irish dance teachers workshop

Teachers/dancers. I will be hosting my fourth annual choreography workshop in February.
If you are interested, registration is going on now. PM me for pricing, etc.
This year, I will have assistants with me, bringing in new ideas and offering more one-on-one attention.
A complimentary video will accompany those who attend and it will be available to those who can’t come for $35. The video will be highlights from the workshop, which will include recap on steps, some quick tips, etc.

Feb. 23 is the date. Also, there will be others teaching steps in addition to my own material. My teacher assistants (teachers in their own right) will be teaching soft and hardshoe steps.

Cost is $150 per person.  Location: Frenetic Theater, Houston, TX.  Class time: 1-5 p.m.

Register by paying below (includes processing fee).

Workshop video $35 (plus processing fee).


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