To Ireland she goes!


We are pleased to announce we will be represented at the 2017 Irish dance world championships by our own Becca Bryan.

We raised the money to send her to Killarney to compete April 21 against some of the best dancers in the world.  She’s worked tirelessly over the last six months and still has a couple of months of training to go.

Thanks to her family, mine, Harbour Playhouse in Dickinson, and all the friends, family and supporters for coming out and helping us reach our goals.

Becca, we are all very proud of you and can’t wait to see what you might do in the future, both with your dancing and our school.

-Tew Academy.

World Championships or bust

Hello friends. It’s a hectic week with the Christmas holidays fast approaching. I hope yours are good ones. I however, don’t spend a lot of time “off” during the holidays and this year is no exception. this year, while I will be about promoting the school through flyers, etc all around town, I am also trying to support a dancer going to her (and our’s as a school) first world championships in Ireland. It’s time to buy airfare before we can’t afford it is quickly approaching, even with donations. I know those outside the Irish dance world might see it as an effort to get you to spend money for us a vacation, but for us, it’s anything but. We have worked tirelessly every day, hours a day for almost six months getting her ready. That’s a huge dedication and one I would like to see rewarded. The trip will last six days, a couple of which will be acclimating to the jet lag and getting ready for the big day. I am doing all I can to contribute time, money and resources to this effort and I am reluctant to ask for any help; but, we need it. If there is an odd job I can do, if you would like to make a donation of any amount, please message me. No job is too small and I will do most anything legally to support my dancer on her journey. I’ll shine your shoes, I will cut your grass, I will wash your car or some other service like this. I will come out on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day. There is nothing I would rather do that help this marvelous young lady, an up and coming leader of our school, achieve her dreams.  Richard Tew/owner Tew Academy of Irish Dance.

That’s a wrap!


We performed our last show at Harbour Playhouse Saturday night to a very full theater.  We enjoyed the show immensely and appreciate Harbour asking us to choreograph a routine for their Nutcracker show.

We all learned a lot from the experience.

We hope this will lead into future events with them.

Richard and Becca.