That’s a wrap


Wow! It’s been a long weekend but very, very productive.

We ran class and ran three theater shows in 24 hours.  It was a lot but so rewarding for all involved.

A big congratulations to some of the members of our performance class including Becca Bryan, our director, advanced dancers and sisters Josie, Claire and Francie.  They all put in many hours organizing, making costumes, training and fine tuning their routine for nearly six weeks now.

Job well done to all, you make our school great!


Richard Tew

Their name in lights

For many years, I hoped to have dancers to teach and perform, and dancers I could teach and inspire to take Irish Dance and put their own stamp on it. I prayed many, many times God would bless me with dancers who would want to take it to the next level and show leadership. It took me years to learn to share responsibilities with others as I have always ended up having to do things myself. I am finally there and so happy I have dancers ready and willing to try their hand at teaching , directing and eventually inspiring the next generation. I couldn’t be more pleased with what these young ladies have done. They make me proud and our school, so much better. Here’s to many more projects.

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Ready to take the stage!

Our amazing dancers and director.  Left to right (Claire, Josie, Francie and Becca).

Recently, we as a school were asked to create a piece to “Disney and Other Animated Favorites,” a local theater production spotlighting excerpts from popular animated movies for kids.

We had Becca, our assistant teacher and director of our performance group lead and direct the routine and we had three of our most advanced dancers who are also sisters, dance.

Our dancers dance to a routine for “Touch the Sky,” from the movie “Brave.”

In addition to dancing and directing the project, the girls also designed and created the costume which was Becca’s idea inspired by the “Wisps” in Brave.  The costumes turned out great and really bring out the characters.

Though it took a little while learning rhythms not exactly native to our style, we adapted and overcame, and it is turning out to be a great project for all involved.  We can’t wait until show time Friday and Saturday night to see how it is received.  During rehearsals, the girls received grand applause.

Special thanks to Becca for directing and assisting with choreography, and Josie (advanced dancer) who also helped with choreography, and to her sisters who help make this performance special.

Seeing three sisters who are great dancers in their own right, spend so much time working on this routine and for Becca to take the time to direct and coach the girls is very inspiring.  These girls make our school as good as it is now and in the future because of their willingness to learn and work hard to make us proud.

To see the show, follow the link:

The surveumonkey link is the way to register. https://www.survey

Sat matinee is the only show not overbooked.

Thanks, girls, you talents are many. Your dedication inspiring!

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Best wishes to our dancers and assistant this weekend


This week, our assistant and championship dancer Becca, dancers Yan and Violette are traveling to California to compete in a world championship qualifier event.  They have been working hard and are ready to show the world what they can do.

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